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Small teams

We believe in squads that may bring agile managers, designers, and engineers working together. This could be a full-solution group or a staff augmentation to your current team.

Technical challenges

We love to solve technical challenges that require brainpower, targeting innovative products that require the best people, tools, and engineering frameworks.

Extreme programming

Our teams have chosen the practices of XP because we believe it is the best and the most complete Agile framework, besides being the least corrupted by fads.

Senior professionals

In order to solve technical challenges with small teams, we brought experienced professionals together in each of our teams, with more than 70% of seniors.

Scalable tech

Our stack includes the best for web and mobile, including Elixir, Ruby, Flutter, and React. This includes higher grade scalability, patterns and shifting paradigms.

Phase out

There is a need to spread our accumulated experience, patterns, and standards. At the end of our projects, we do help our clients train the teams that follow our steps.

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