Founded in July 2017, was born as the fruit of some frustrations and findings of its founders. "The world is flooded with victims of bad software and we are unhappy with it". So we have a very clear Purpose for our company:

"Our goal is to nurture an environment where talented and committed people can develop themselves, reaching their potential, while creating digital products of Excellence."

"Excellence is the act of exceeding the expectations of users in every interaction with our products."

Taking care of our team is our biggest project. Every brainner should have fit with the Values of the company, i.e. the way we like it and we choose to work here. The following Values serve for the reflection and identification of the adherence to such elements and the discovery of a connection with what we do.


Commitment to Excellence

There is no better way to describe what everyone here likes to do: practical work. We always strive to deliver Excellence even in seemingly trivial tasks. We aim high, so it is mandatory to study a lot and try new innovative ideas with discipline.

Examples of what we expect:

  • When there are two options for accomplishing something, one satisfying and another exceptional, you will choose the latter, even if it means working harder than expected.
  • If the team believes and has determined that a goal needs to be reached at a certain stage of a project, you will strive to achieve it, rather than making excuses as to why it has not reached its delivery.
  • You will be able to measure your quality of life with work, but you will also know that at certain times you will have to sacrifice some personal comfort for the good of the team or to learn something new that is useful for an expected result.
  • You will proactively excel, and you will not wait for someone else to raise the flag, as all brainners are responsible for the search of Excellence. That's why everyone on the team has the right and the obligation to talk when something is not exceptional and when something needs to be fixed.

Work Smarter

A technical job is not just a regular job. The high level of uncertainty and complexity combined with people with different profiles (business, design, content, development, testing, etc.) requires a lot of organization to get the right job done in the most intelligent way. Well-planned roadmaps and shared understanding can save hours and more hours of wasted work with tasks that should not be performed or could be done in a smarter way.

Examples of what we expect:

  • You believe that everything needs alignment between your team. And the best way to create this alignment is to always question whether the right thing is being done at the right time and the best way to avoid wasted work.
  • You actively collect and participate in the ceremonies of your project and those of the company. Every opportunity to discuss the next steps of the project, be it a simple Daily or an All Hands with all the company's teams.
  • Making mistakes is something acceptable for you and your team, especially when it comes to agile teams. However, you believe that making the same mistake several times is unacceptable and synonymous with no reflection. So before you do something that you are not comfortable with, you research the subject and ask for help from others in the company who have already done the same thing and can teach you some shortcut.
  • You always think of facilitating your future work by letting the registered learnings that are relevant register for all relevant learning in some way - for you and / or for the company. Whether commenting on your Slack experience, commenting on a meeting, presenting a case on All Hands, writing a paper for the team, etc., and being proud of anyone ever able to use your learning.


When we stop to think about the purposes of what we are doing here, we will always remember that we believe in Agile to produce Excellence. And we like to have fun doing what we do, because we share the passion for creating digital products. The journey is as important as the results we have achieved so far.

Examples of what we expect:

  • More than technology, you believe that we are a company focused on People. This means that it is never late or inappropriate to help someone grow up and seek to develop from the experience of others on the team.
  • You always have the joy of sharing knowledge, be it positive or negative, as this will be used by the next teams. After all, you have also learned from many people who have been around before you.
  • You hate the game of politics and any sort of hidden agenda. When there is some sort of personal interest, you make it very clear to everyone and avoid creating opportunities for any misalignment between the people on your team and the company.
  • You value highly the formal and informal meetings with the team to exchange experiences. So come to these meetings with energy to speak and hear everything that is happening. And contribute to what you have learned recently.
  • We chose people based on some criteria. But one of them is subjective and you find it important: empathy. It's no use if the project is interesting, if you do not trust, respect and enjoy working with the people around you.
  • The company promotes many moments of relaxation. And you "wear the shirt" in the sense of making a point of participating in creating links with other brainnets: what they like to do outside of work, what their motivations, etc.