Our point of view.

Founded in July 2017, brainn.co was born as the fruit of some frustrations and findings of its founders. We said "the world is flooded with victims of bad software, and we are unhappy with that!". So we established a very clear Purpose for our company:

"Our goal is to nurture the best brains in company with great entrepreneurs and visionaries."

In order to make that a reality, we have first chosen our core Values. Every brainner should have a long term fit with the way we like to do things here.


Best Efforts

We always strive to deliver Excellence even in seemingly trivial tasks. We aim high and we want to develop our brains everyday, so it is mandatory to study a lot and try new innovative ideas with discipline. We value those who give their best in the job and who are passionate about the product discipline.

Examples of what we expect:

  • When there are two options for accomplishing something, one satisfying and another exceptional, you will choose the latter, even if it means working harder than expected.

  • If the team believes and has determined that a goal needs to be reached at a certain stage of a project, you will strive to achieve it, rather than making excuses as to why it has not reached its delivery.

  • You will proactively excel, and you will not wait for someone else to raise the flag, as all brainners are responsible for the search of Excellence. That's why everyone on the team has a voice to raise a point of view.



A technical job is not just a regular job. The high level of uncertainty and complexity combined with people with different profiles (business, design, content, development, testing, etc.) requires a lot of alignment to get the right job done most effectively. Well-planned roadmaps and shared understanding can save hours and more hours of wasted work.

Examples of what we expect:

  • You believe that everything which is Excellent needs alignment. And the best way to create alignment is to always share what is happening and raise hands when necessary to avoid mistakes early on.

  • You look for the best method to do things. Questioning if we are doing our jobs in the most effective process is natural, and feedbacks are understood as natural shortcuts for improvement.

  • You contribute proactively to your company and team. Whether sharing knowledge internally or externally, you see value teaching others while also learning from others. Curiosity is something great!


Team Work

When we think about our Purpose, we always remember that we believe in People to produce Excellence. And we like to have fun while doing what we do, because we share the same passion for creating digital products. The journey is as important as the results in the end of the road.

Examples of what we expect:

  • You hate the game of competition and politics, and any sort of hidden agenda. When there is some sort of personal interest, you make it very clear to everyone and avoid creating any misalignment.

  • You value gathering with your team and client. So, you come to these meetings with energy to speak and hear everything that is happening and is always eager to share and contribute to others.

  • You are polite, respectful, empathetic to others. These traits are great because you like to people do the same on you and the “team thing”. It doesn't mean that you need to be extroverted, but you just like People.