We build. You grow.

Lean digital product innovation that really works.

What we do

Green field

We help you to build a completely new and taylor made digital product from scratch, web or mobile, from design to execution and delivery.

Brown field

We help you to improve your digital product from where it is, web or mobile, from understanding the problems to execution and delivery.

Using modern technologies

  • Elixir


  • NodeJS


  • ReactJS


  • TypeScript


How we can help

  • Launch innovative digital products

    Deliver a solution that works. We help digital innovators - from startups to big companies - bring their ideas to life, launch an entirely new business, or increase their solutions portfolio. Our experts collaborate with you to quickly gather all must-have requirements, choose the right architecture, and design the best user experience. And then, launch continuously.

  • Meet deadlines within your digital products

    Practice a methodology that works. When business opportunities arise, our clients rely on our disciplined teams working and collaborating with their domain experts - done the right way. Agile metrics and iterative execution are the secret sauce of our teams working with the business people who need answers. Fall in love with predictability, collaboration, noise reduction, and releases again.

  • Increase quality to regain trust from your users

    Deliver a code that works. Yeah, we know that. The "let it crash" culture was everywhere, and it is tough to avoid it. We help our clients fix it with extreme programming practices and values, also applying shifting paradigms in computer programming to build resilient and healthy code bases. There is no need to break your users’ passion for your product when they need you the most.

  • Improve your architecture and scale faster

    Build an architecture that works. A scalable architecture is essential to allow you to cultivate a growing user base. The higher the number of transactions, the more robust the architecture must be. We work with our global clients breaking their monoliths (and teams) into microservices, applying new paradigms, including event-driven architectures (EDA) and tools like Elixir and Phoenix.

How we work



We help innovators quickly understand how we will build their digital products and provide a competitive business advantage. The idea that works.


We build high-quality digital products that scale. We do that through new technologies, great talents, and true agile methods. The product that works.


We provide full-solution teams to high-growth tech companies using new programming languages to move faster. The team that works.

  • Marco Aurélio de Jesus

    When we started our partnership, the high technical level of the entire team quickly became notorious. The concept of quality was always a concern for delivering every product. With Brainn, the agile method has been taken to another level in our company.

    Marco Aurélio de Jesus

    Business Head @BV

  • Flavio Ayra

    We set up a team with Brainn to deal with a great challenge between product and engineering. We were successful in combining the best software development practices, brought by Brainn, along with business knowledge from the internal team.

    Flavio Ayra

    Director of Engineering @CVC